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The isolation transformer is a type of transformer in which the input and output voltages are the same, manufactured in such a way that two different windings are electrically isolated from each other. Since there is insulation between the windings, problems such as phase / neutral / ground faults and electrical noise on one side do not affect the other side. In this way, problems such as electric shock, device / system malfunctions are prevented.

Isolation transformer will electrically isolate the AC shore power from the boat's AC power system.

We produce class-certified single-phase and three-phase dry type low voltage transformers for all kinds of applications, especially ship lighting transformers. Input and output voltages of these transformers are specially designed according to customer needs and are produced in a wide range from 50VA to 1000KVA.

For all kinds of boats, yachts and mega yachts,  isolation transformers can be designed in desired dimentions according to the space to be placed on board.

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