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3 mm Mini Panel Warning Leds

The LEDs which is used on the panel, console, board or on a device for warning or caution purposes are called mini panel leds. These LEDs are suitable for 12 V - 24 V - 220 V supply voltages.

Available in RED - GREEN - BLUE - YELLOW - WHITE colors.

Console type mini warning LEDs are manufactured by our company in Turkey and also is under our company warranty for 2 years. Please call 0 216 392 24 21 for your orders.

Used as warning and warning led on all kinds of devices, console, control panel, specially designed control and commnd panels etc.

It has low energy consumption and long lifetime.

Mini Led Features

Voltage: 12 Volts & 24 Volts & 220 Volts


Led Diameter: 3mm

Mounting Diameter: 4.2mm