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- It is produced as mAmper or voltage output which is compatible with PLC systems , Digital or Analog Control units, 4-20mA  or 0-5 volt level gauges

-It can be manufactured in desired length and connection type according to the request.

- It can be manufactured as chrome or plastic according to the type of liquid to be used.

- With its high quality material, it is suitable for use in water tanks, sewage & waste water tanks, fuel tanks, beverage tanks, liquid cleaning agent tanks.

- Flanged types can be manufactured to be mounted from the top or side of the tank.

- Optionally,can be manufactured  with alarm or on / off contact which can place at the top and bottom points of the level sensor to get audible alarm or to start / stop operation of the any equipment.

- It can be manufactured up to 1 cm measurement range where measurement sensitivity is important.