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Level switches are used to give warning when the liquid in the tank or place reaches a required level  or to give switch signal to operate the equipment via the control panel.

Our level switches are  float type, the float moves with the buoyant force of the liquid and effect the switch inside the level switch, if its open became close, and if its close become open position.If the liquid in the tank rises or falls below the required level, the device activates and protects the system with the alarm or equipment connected to the system.

Level switches has wide usage areas as ship / yacht building industry, food industry, chemical industry, manufacturing industry such as wastewater and bilge tanks, waste / clean water tanks, fuel tanks, liquid food tanks, liquid chemical tanks.



  • According to liquid type there are plastic or chrome models
  • Several models are available for different connection types.
  • There are different models that can fix to the tank from the top, from bottom or side,from inside to outside or from outside to inside.
  • Materials are in good quality, size is small, easy to assemble.
  • Can be used in tanks or places with low deep due to their dimensions.
  • According to the model level switches can us as NO - NC (open - closed) switch.
  • No external voltage supply required.

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