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The liquid level sensors that we produce are float type sensors with signal output, operate by using the magnetic level measurement principle.


Float type sensors, one of the first and primitive measurement techniques, were developed by using the buoyancy of the liquid and the magnetic level measurement principle. It has been preferred for level determination of many liquids with its simple structure, long life and reliability.


As a company, we produce more functional products specific to the customer and the project by blending our knowledge, R&D studies and workmanship with quality components. We continue to bring new values ​​to ourselves and our country by fulfilling the requests of our customers that they consider unfeasible.


Liquid Level Sensor Working Principle


Hızmar level sensor performs its task by affecting the magnetic float ball moving on the sensor pipe depending on the liquid level, the glass reed contacts on the electronic circuit inside the pipe. Visual liquid level control, audible and visual alarm warning, or pump - solenoid start / stop operations can be applied simply by transmitting the electrical signal generated by the effect of the contacts to the Analog / Digital display or to PLC monitoring system or Control / Command panel.


Level sensors produced by Hızmar are classified under 3 main headings as Ohm output level sensor, Current / Voltage output level sensor and Contact output level sensor according to the characteristics of the system to be used.


Ohm Output Model - AN SERIES


Current / Voltage Output Model - MA SERIES


Contact Output Model - HL SERIES


LEVEL SENSOR WITH OHM OUTPUT : They are produced in a type to be connected directly to the analog or digital indicators and they are level sensors produced in accordance with the desired omage range according to the feature of the indicator to be used. Optionally, alarm contacts can be placed at the upper and lower points of these level sensors.


LEVEL SENSOR WITH CURRENT / VOLTAGE OUTPUT : These level sensors are produced with mA or voltage outputs of the type to be connected to PLC systems, Digital or Analog Control units, 4-20mA or 0-5 V compatible indicators. Optionally, alarm contacts can be placed at the upper and lower points of these level sensors.


LEVEL SENSOR WITH CONTACT OUTPUT : These sensors can be connected to pump start / stop systems, empty / full alarm warning systems, PLC systems, Digital and Analogue Control units to give only open / closed contact output. The contacts can be produced by placing up to 5 pieces in desired places within the sensor, with a minimum of 5 cm approach to each other.


In addition, the level sensors that we produce are divided into models from stainless or plastic material according to the liquid type, with threaded connection or flanged according to the connection type.


"Whether you want continuous level measurement, point level measurement or a combination of both, call us for the liquid level sensors produced for your system."


Also we have special production level sensor models, you can contact us for details and level sensor price information.


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