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We are producing level sensors according to customer's requests which are suitable for all kind of needs.

The liquid level sensors which we manufacture are float type sensors with signal output and operating by the magnetic level measurement principle. Float level sensors is the liquid level measurement system produced using the lifting force of the liquid.

Level sensors can be used in different types of liquids such as water, fresh water, waste water, fuel, acid, liquid food, liquid chemical. And also can perform special level sensor manufacturing.

- Level sensor manufacture on desired lenght

- Stainless steel or PVC level sensors according to liquid type

- According to tank connection type threaded or flange type level sensors 

- Ohm, 4-20 mA, 0-5 Volt signal output level sensors which are suitable for all kind of systems or gauges

- High or low alarm can be add as optional to level sensors. Switch output level sensors design to get switch on desired point of the level sensor

Our company, which is your solution partner for level sensor , manufactures the level sensors regardless of the size, shape, dimensions of the tanks where the level sensor will be used, also manufactures intermediate size level sensors and side mounting type sensors.

In this regard our company is the number one in Turkey. We are experience the pride of satisfying our valued customers.

'' Whether if you require continuous level measurement, point level measurement or a combination of both;  we are at your service with level sensors manufacturing according to your system. ''