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PND 18 dimmer module has been designed to prevent the eyes disturbed by light sources such as panel warning lamps and indicator lights used in navigation console/cockpit on bridge and designed to increase night navigational watch comfort.It allows you to easily adjust the light intensity with 0-10 volts coming from the potentiometer or PLC system.
You can control the lights such as compass illumination, oil/temperature/pressure gauges, speed indicators, tank level gauges etc. In addition, it dims the positive (+) and negative (-) voltage separately with the pwm method which required for the panel warning lamps and leds belonging to the carling switch, airpax breaker, circuit breaker and switches.
Supply Voltage Range:> 10,6 .. <32 volts DC
Maximum Load + DIMM: 3 Amp Continuous
Maximum Load -DIMM: 3 Amp Continuous
Stand-By Current: <18 Amps
Dimming Tools: 5k-100k.Ohm Pot. / 0… 10 Volts
Dimming Value: 0%… 99%
Short-circuit Protection: Glass fuse 3 Amps
Overload Protection: Glass fuse 3 Amps
Reverse Polarity Protection: Reverse diode - glass fuse 3 A
Dimensions: e.35 X b.86 X d.59 mm Rail type box