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The pump control relay box is designed to control the pump or provide alarm control.  Pump relay box provide control to the pump for automatically fill or discharge the liquid ( such as fuel, water, sewage, bilge, dirty oil,greywater)  at the desired point of the tank or provide alarm control.
The 15 amp relay in the relay box is controlled by the switch signals from the Hizmar HL series switch output level sensor or HLS level switches placed in the liquid tank. The level is controlled by making the pump active or passive with a voltage output from 15 Amps relay or contact output according to customers request.
With the addition of the 3rd alarm contact to the HL series sensors or with the level switches, the warning of tank overflow or tank empty can be received as 1 ampere via the relay box.
Supply Voltage: 12VDC - 24VDC (In Different Cards)
Pump Output Current: 15 Amps (Voltage or switch can be selected)
Sensor Inputs: 1 x Pump start - 1 x Pump Stop
Alarm Contact: Optional - Switch 1 amp
Size: 115x115x60 mm