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What is the Navigation Light?

Boats, ships and all marine vessels use navigation lights according to regulation for prevention collision at sea to show themselves to other vessels while they are sailing at night to make safe sailing and prevent any accident.These are called as navigation lights. By looking to the navigation lights of the other vessel, we can estimate route of the vessel and we determine our own route if there’s a collision risk.

For this reason, it is a very important to control the navigation lights during the sailing.

After 5 year R & D, to the result of our work  we produce the navigation lights control card in 1998, we have provided navigational safety to marine vessels with our product. Our company which produces the first and the best quality navigation lights control cards in Turkey, manufactured navigation light control cards to the thousands of marine vessels, military boats and coast guard boats.

In addition, we are proud to contribute to the national economy by exporting the navigation lights control card to abroad.

The NLC 22 navigation lights control card is used for the control of the navigation lights on the boats, yatchs,marine vessels. In case of any malfunction in the navigation lights, it warns the user by giving audible and visual warning and makes necessary reminders.

-          The system is microcontroller controlled and it is quick and easy to install with  its plug-in terminal blocks.

-           Works with 12V.DC. or 24V.DC. supply voltage.

-          Gives audible and visual warning in case of defect on navigation light, defect of navigation light supply line or short circuit.

-          There are 8 independent navigation light outputs, there is no output for spare navigation light.

-          There are 2 different versions available which are proper for filament type navigation light or led type navigation light.

-          There are panel warning led outputs showing the on / off / fault status of the navigation lights.

-          There is a reminder feature that reminds again the failure of the navigation light unless the navigation light changed.

-          There’s a test feature of panel warning leds and audible buzzer.

-          The system can be controlled by a button or switch.


Supply voltage: 12 VDC – 24 VDC
LED Version Light Power: 0,050…0,550 mA/Channel
Filament Version Light Power: 12 Volt=5 watt…40 watt/Kanal , 24 Volt=5 watt…60 watt/Channel
Panel Warning Leds Output Type: PNP Transistor & +  output
Buzzer Output and Current: Free contact & 1 Amp.
Control Button Type: Pushbutton / Switch with calibration

Light Overload / Short circuit protection: Electronic + Programmable

Dimensions :  36 x 115 x 77 mm – rail type box

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