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The NLC13 Double tier navigation control card is used to control the navigation light which have spare light on boats. In the event of any malfunction that may occur in the navigation lights, it alerts the user quickly and audibly and activates the spare navigation lights.
With simple calibrations on the control card; you can choose the control switch as pushbutton or switch, you can operate as a single channel or double channel for spare light system, you can introduce the light type to card as filament type or led type.
Superior technology semiconductors which used in the control board eliminates the problems such as cable blown or fuse blown in the navigation light or navigation light cables.
By dimming the DC energy through the power supply (up to 8 V.), dimming is carried out smoothly and safely where necessary.
-          The system is microcontroller controlled and it is quick and easy to install with  its plug-in terminal blocks.
-          Work with 12V.DC. or 24V.DC. supply voltage
-          Gives audible and visual warning in case of defect on navigation light, defect of  navigation light supply line or short circuit 
-          1 card is for 1 local navigation light, can connect spare navigation light
-          Filament lamp type navigation light or led type navigation light can connect to same control card.
-          There are panel warning led outputs showing the on / off / fault status of the navigation lights.
-          Thereis a reminder feature that reminds again the failure of the navigation light unless the navigation light changed.
-          There’s a test feature of panel warning leds and audible buzzer
-          There’s a test feature for spare navigation lihgt
-          The system can be controlled by a button or switch.
Power Supply : 12 VDC – 24 VDC
Minimum Load: 12 Volt= 0,3 watt  24 Volt=0,6 watt
Maximum Load: 12 Volt= 40 watt  24 Volt=60 watt
Panel Warning Leds and Buzzer Output Type : PNP Transistör & + output
Control Button Type: Pushbutton / Switch with calibration
Light Overload / Short circuit protection: Electronic + Programmable
Dimentions : 105 X 115 X 58 mm

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