Cockpit/Dashboard Design and Production
Boat/Yacht Electrical Project
Boat Electrical Installation Equipping / Panel Manufacturing
Level Sensor Design and Production
Yacht and Boat Electronic Control Card Production
Cockpit/Dashboard Design and Production
Yacht Electric Project

We design and manufacture cockpit / console panel, indicator panel, navigation lights control / command panel, bilge / porthole / door alarm panels for marine vehicles such as ships, boats, yachts, sailboats.

The panels that we produce can be prepared in dimensions suitable for the place to be settled, either as aluminum laser cutting or as a membrane label applied on the ready box.

After painting is done on aluminum panels, the drawings designed by us and approved by the customer are processed on the panel by screen printing method.

If required in addition to the panels, we can prepare and deliver the to the customer as ready to fix the vessel with the all equipment which will use on the panel such as indicators, buttons, leds and electronic control cards.