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- Output singnal of the level sensor is ohm, it is produced in a type that can be connected directly to analogue or digital level indicators and can produced with desired range of ohms according to the feature of the level indicator  to be used.

- It can be manufactured in desired length and connection type according to the request.

- It can be manufactured as chrome or plastic according to the type of liquid to be used.

- With its high quality material, it is suitable for use in water tanks, sewage & waste water tanks, fuel tanks, beverage tanks, liquid cleaning agent tanks.

- Flanged types can be manufactured to be mounted from the top or side of the tank.

- Optionally,can be manufactured  with alarm or on / off contact which can place at the top and bottom points of the level sensor to get audible alarm or to start / stop operation of the any equipment.

- It can be manufactured up to 1 cm measurement range where measurement sensitivity is important.