As HIZMAR; we manufacture liquid level measurement devices, equipment, level indicators in the Level Measurement Systems Department. We continue to make our mark in the world market with the special liquid level sensors which we produce in the industry of energy, construction, transportation, maritime, aviation, medical, especially in military and defense industry, domestically and abroad. We continue on our way with the motto 'LEVEL IS UNDER CONTROL' in our Level Measurement Systems Department, and with the motto 'PRODUCING SOCIETY IS A GROWING SOCIETY' in our production activities.
As HIZMAR ; we continue our activities with electrical - electronic project design, electrical panel design and production, electronic card production for boats, yachts and all marine vehicles in the marine sector. HIZMAR; since its establishment, has delivered hundreds of military and civilian projects flawlessly and on time with electrical - electronic project design, projection and electronic card production. While we continue to produce with our expert team, we push the limits of technology with our R&D team. We continue to differ in this sector with our ongoing projects.



Our company consists of 2 departments, Level Measurement Systems and Marine Department. Our company, which always aims at quality, has ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate in the fields of Boat Electric Project Design, Electrical Equipment and Panel Manufacturing, Level Sensor Design and Manufacturing and Technical Material Sales. In the boat electrical department; along with the manufacture of boat electrical panels, turnkey projects are carried out by offering complete solutions from electrical equipment and materials used in equipment, planning and project design for equipment, product supply to assembly. In the electronics manufacturing department; we manufacture liquid level sensors, liquid level switches, bilge alarm sensors, navigation light control cards and panels, custom-made control panels, pump control cards, alarm control cards, console dimmer cards, panel leds, and indicators suitable for the products in accordance with the features required by the customer, provide service with the supply of spare parts and accessories.